Friday, January 30, 2004
Looking Good!

Looks like a promising day.  First off I was able to sleep until almost 7 am, thanks to both Ryan and Mikayla sleeping peacefully through the night.  It's amazing what actually getting 8 hours of sleep will do for a person!
After channel surfing with Ryan for a while and seeing a number of either infomercials for workout equipment or actual areobic shows, I decided my time would probably be better spent getting off my butt and exercising myself. 
Now I have just finished making my menu for the next two weeks. Since it's payday! I can go to the commissary and get groceries.
Our first stop, however,  will be the library since we missed Story time on Tuesday~ due to the horrible VA weather!  And we all need our weekly fix of books!  I'm so glad my children love books (almost) as much as I do.
Yes today I'm feeling rather good about myself.  My goals of becoming a better, more organized, trimmer Amy are beginning to come into veiw.  

Side Note~  Tomorrow is the Pampered Chef Party!  Very excited and nervous! 

Posted at 08:47 am by Faith324

February 1, 2004   10:13 PM PST
"And we all need our weekly fix of books!"

January 30, 2004   01:45 PM PST
You're doing great honey! So Proud of you! Keep up the good work. Love you!

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