Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today is the last day if school! Big Smile I am sure by this evening I will be cursing summer vacation but there is just something about that last day of school!!

I was pleasantly surprised when the Mr got home on Tuesday afternoon to find that in fact he had the whole week off from his 2nd job. Its been so nice to have some extra family time.  Tuesday I was sitting out on the deck, getting in a little extra devo/prayer time.  Hubby soon joined me regaling me with tales from his weekend camping adventure.  The children soon ventured out as well.  We sat for a while chatting and generally enjoying being together.

Last night the five of us headed out to Walmart.  The older two children were in desperate need of some shorts.  It probably seems silly but I don't even remember the last time if ever we had gone "shopping" as a family.  I took great delight in all of us being together.  We even purchased a new slip and slide, sure to bring hours of summer fun.

Hannah was apparently a little scared/lonely come bedtime.  Daddy has quite a soft spot for his youngest daughter.  He went and laid and chatted with her until they both dozed off.


Let the summer begin!!Shades

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