Wednesday, June 29, 2011
its a brand new day!

So far summer has been off to a rough start. I have been grouchy and grumpy and sometimes down right mean.  Giving into not very becoming behavior and questioning why on earth the boy child was being so darn ornery.  Um, hello...didn't we just talk about on Monday how  Mom's attitude can set the tone for the whole house.  Could it be my dear son was essentially mirroring my attitude back at me?? Gasp.Surprise

Last night was Ryan's night to make dinner, as I, his sous chef began to prep the kitchen I put on one of my favorite praise CD's and allowed the music to begin to seep into my soul.  As my spirit lightened I began to sing at the top of my lungs which made Hannah literally laugh out loud and say, "Mom, what kind of song is that??" Tongue (In case you are wondering it was Sandi Patty's rendition of Blessed Assurance).

This morning as I a woke, promising myself it was indeed going to be a better day, a new day a fresh start.  I brewed my coffee and cracked open my bible and journal.  The first verses I read today were on peace and joy. Wink

The soundtrack to Hannah's life right now is Camp Rock 2.  The following is a video of one of her favorites, it never fail to lift me spirits is a brand new day!!

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