Thursday, January 22, 2004
The Best Cooker Ever!

The Best Cooker Ever!  And what you may ask did I do to earn this title of Culinary Excellence.  Hot Dogs and Kraft Mac & Cheese.  Ok~ so it doesn't take much to impress a 4 year old!  But last night I was thinking about it and Mikayla and how at times I wish I was more like my young daughter.  Thankfully she has a healthy (but not over the top) dose of my husband mixed in her genes some where.  What I wouldn't give some days to be able to just exclaim what's on my mind.  As well as the ability to walk up to complete and total strangers and start chatting and make new friends.  You may think that this is just her 4 year old inhabitions coming out.  I howver know this is not the case.  I was never at any point in my life 4 years old or other wise able to go and talk to complete strangers.
I do feel that I am slowly improving in this area though.  It is starting with getting to know my husband again.  After spending nearly a year apart it is somewhat strange to be living together in the same country- let alone house!  But things are beginning to come together and we are all adjusting to family life again.  The last two nights we actually had dinner conversation!  Woo-hoo!  And last night he even hung around a few minutes after the kids left the table and asked to hear about my day.He didn't even let me off the hook when I said it was pretty uneventful.  Which led me to believe he actually cared what I did on my uneventful day of laundry and menu plans.

On a side note:  I was invited to a Pampered Chef Party by one of the shop wives!  Yea~ I'm so excited.  Not only to I LOVE Pampered Chef. . . But I also get to go hang out with some real live adult women!  Yea again!  So this is me~ beginning to have a life! : )

Posted at 09:36 am by Faith324

January 25, 2004   07:10 PM PST
Thanks Laura, I appreciate your encouragement. All I have to do is learn how to eat with my hands and I'll be well on my way to earning the title of Human Being.
January 22, 2004   07:35 PM PST
Wow aim, things sound good. I'm glad, kudos to rhett for being a normal human being:)

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