Wednesday, January 28, 2004

This morning after much debating I decided to head out and try to go to the MOPS group... The reason for all the debate was that there was still a little snow~  Not that it was actually snowing . . . the sky was bright and sunny, or that the roads were snow covered and icy . . . they were merely wet.  So surely on what was turning out to be a beautiful winter day they would not cancel due to weather.  Upon arriving we discover the door still locked and hardly a soul around.  Oh well, maybe we were just early.  After all it was not yet 9:30 am.  So we headed back to the car to wait for a few minutes.  Just to be sure.  Finally we gave up sadly and left.  At home I had an email from Shelley . . .  MOPS was canceled due to weather.   My only question is~  WHAT WEATHER???  Oh well, better luck next time!

Side Note~  The day was not a total loss.  We did hit the Wal Mart.  And I now have 4 instead of 3 curtians in my living room.  As well has new curtians in the kitchen and bath.  : )

Posted at 01:34 pm by Faith324

January 28, 2004   02:11 PM PST
Hey honey, remember you're not in Chittenango any more.... As you know there is life after snow :) Hopefully the worst of the "winter" is over for the southerners and they will get on with life. We have at least 15 on the deck rail and it's still coming!

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