Friday, January 30, 2004
Square Cupcakes??

Never, I repeat, NEVER! go to the Commissary on payday!  Especially during lunch hour!  After circling the parking lot approximately 87 times.  I finally gave up! After all if the parking lot was that bad, did I really want to fight the crowd inside the store.  Probably not  . . . Anyhow we were all starving~  time to go to Plan B. 
We headed down the road to the bank for some cash and then off the base.  We stopped at the first McDonald's we came too.  And unlike the one near the Commissary this one was virtually desserted.  I'm proud to say that all though it was still McDonald's fare, I did opt for the somewhat healthier Chicken McGrill.  It was surprising good, even quite tasty.  The kids, of course, enjoyed Chicken McNuggets.
Now the problem was we still needed some groceries, we were completely out of milk, and Mikayla had been promised a cake mix to make Valentine cupckaes.  Thanks to the heart wrappers and sprinkles we recieved yesterday from Mimi. 
So down the road we headed, in search of another grocery store.  There was no way I was attempting to go back to the Commissary today~  no that task would have to wait until Monday.   Happily though we came upon a Food Lion right up the road.  We were able to get the things we needed to get through the weekend, and it also made me very thankful that we can shop at the Commissary.  Things like Milk, produce and meat are much,  MUCH cheaper on base.
Back home we prepared to make the cupcakes.  Only to discover that we have no cupcake pan.  Hmmm, now what. So we lined up the wrappers in two 9x13 pans.  Hey it works!  Some of the cupcakes, do look more square than round but what can ya do!

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Sunday, February 01, 2004
Friends~ Who Knew!

So yesterday was the Pampered Chef Party.  It was fabulous!  I'm very excited to report I bought the chopper and the large batter bowl.  I've missed my mom's chopper so much since moving!  It was a great time!  It was so nice to hang out with people again!  The veggie pizza and apple crisp that were made for the demonstration were wonderful.  I also have booked a party for the 28th of Feb.  I'm very excited.  Even though I don't know many people yet.  Joan~ the consultant, convinced me that it would be a good way to meet more people.  And Colleen~ the hostess, said she would come and bring people.

Today we went back to SCCC, the same church we went to last week.  I think it's where we might stay since we all seem to really like it and feel comfortable there.  The greeters scored big points with me when we walked in and they remembered our names from last week.  It's always nice to feel welcomed and know that we made some kind of an impression.  So this week we found out about SS Classes.  One imparticular intrigued me, it's a very small class and is doing a study called "Firm Foundations".  They are also starting a new Wednesday night study this week that I'm very interested in as well.

Of course this is Superbowl Sunday~ which really means absolutely nothing to me.  I hate Football and never watch it.  For me the only good thing about the Superbowl is that it means for all practical purposes football is over!  But we were invited to a Superbowl Party, since I really like Colleen as well as the other wives I met yesterday, I decided to go.  I thought it might be fun to hang out.  But I have to admit for a little while I felt like a total loser, was I the only one there who loathed the sport and would've been much happier watching some cheesy love movie at home, working away on my sisters quilt.  But then I came to find out that no, it wasn't just me.  The other wives don't like football anymore than I do. 

Life is good.  I'm loving Virginia . . .

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Wednesday, February 04, 2004
Aren't Boys Fun!

I am currently discovering all the joys of having a toddler boy.  And for all those of you who claim girls are easier than boys I beg to differ!  Check in again when we hit the teenage years but for now . . .
Yesterday I finally took the time to read a magazine I bought a couple weeks ago.  There were a few recipes and things I was planning to clip out and for the moment left it lying on the couch (my first mistake!).  I later found the magazine soaking in the toilet.  This morning while showering I felt something brush my ankle, looking down I see what was my  nice, fluffy, dry, towel.  Now, of course, growing increasing wet.  Getting out of the shower I realize my underware is missing!  Ryan has once agian taken them out to the living room.  ~Why of all the things in the bathroom???
Later he decided to "help" by feeding Stormy.  Most of the contents of the catfood bag were all over the kitchen floor.  The food that he did successfully get into the dish, was in the water dish!
I say again~ Aren't little boys so fun!

We also took a trip to Potomic Mills~ our beautiful, increadiably spread out shopping mall.  Mikayla has been dying to go to the mall. (yes, we start shoppers early in our family)!  We had a great time window shopping.  I found the perfect curtains for our bedroom but could not possiblel afford to buy them at this point.  I'm hoping to catch them on a sale.  It was my first time in a Linens-N-Things store~  so many wonderful things I would LOVE to have in my house! We also had to check out Books-A-Million (BAM!).  It was nice but can't quite live up to B&N, (only the happiest place on earth, right girls??)  Anyway one main reason for hitting BAM (besides all the glorious books!) was to get a Chai Latte.  (I had been craving one for days!)  Well, of course they were out!  I had to settle for a Hot Cocoa.  And while good, was a little disapointing after anticipating that Chai all day long.

Side Note~  I'm looking forward to attending the new Bible Study starting tonight  at SCCC~

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Thursday, February 05, 2004
Litterboxes and Trashcans

I would just like to say that the Bible Study at SCCC was fabulous.  I'm so happy and excited that Rhett wanted to go with me.  Why would I think he wouldn't~ I don't know I guess my paranoia was just setting in.
As we were drving there my nerves once again got the best of me and I wound up feeling sick I was so anxious.  Naturally my nerves were totally unwarrented and I was once again welcomed like family.  I really do love it there.  I think it is some place we can belong for the next three years or however long we end up being here.
Anyway~ the study (Dad~ I know you are probably dying to hear) was called "CounterCulteral Christians~ exploring a Christian Worldview." with Charles Coleson. Of course we didn't get very far, last night being the first night, and we also watched the preview of Mel Gibson's new movie "The Passion of the Christ"  which also looks very good.  Just the preview gave me chills.  But am very excited about the study and can't wait (I know this probably is going to label me a geek) to get started on the homework.  And of course in order to do so I must go to Target and get a new notebook.  (I know, I know! I'm huge geek/dork!)
The trip to Target is not totally just for a new note book.  In attept to slove our problem with Ryan playing in and putting things in the toilet, I need to go get a new litter box and trash can.  You see, we currently have a ridiculously tiny litter box in the bathroom.  Stormy, growing into a monster black cat,  is constantly kicking litter everywhere.  Last night Rhett suggested keeping the bathroom door closed, after catching Ryan trying to flush a stuffed whale down the toilet.  ( I guess he was trying to free him ~ after all as we learned in "Finding Nemo", "all drains lead to the ocean").  Anyway~ I agreed, accept for the litterbox.  If the door was closed how would Stormy get in to use the litter box, of course I was open to moving it as well, since I too hated it there but had no idea where else to put it!  My genious husband came up with the idea of putting it back in the little cubby where the trash can in currenty in the kitchen.  Great Idea!!!  So today I will be off to Target to get a larger, covered litterbox, as well as a larger, covered trash can.  (Also an effort to keep cats, dogs and small boys OUT!!)
Who needs much of an excuse to go to Taregt anyway~ Right Girls?!  I'm miss you all!

Side Note~  Yesterday Rhett came upon an opportunity to take a sing dance class.  Am I interest~ definately!  Do I have the guts it takes to embrass myself infront of others~ not sure yet~

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Friday, February 06, 2004
Peace at last~

Mikayla just came running to the back room to give me an urgent message, "Ryan's asleep on the couch!"  She often feels the need to report to me exactly what her brother is doing, good or bad.  But this was a first.  "He's sleeping??" I ask in disbelief.  Only moments ago he was back here with me, wreaking havoc!  She giggles and repeats herself.  This I have to see and follow her out to the living room.  Ryan has indeed fallen asleep, while sitting up, playing with a toy phone.  After chuckling, exclaiming how cute he is and taking a picture, I laid him down and covered him up.  Ahhh, peace.

Undoubtably, he is exhausted.  He was up past 10 pm last night, only to awaken again at two.  The reason for which is he's getting a new tooth, another molar.  Once again, even from miles away, my mom was right!  How do mom's do that anyway. 

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Monday, February 09, 2004
Another Weekend

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend, mine was good even if rather uneventful.
I sepnt Saturday morning, cleaning and unpacking 2 of my last 3 boxes.  Yes, after an entire month there are still a few odd boxes that seemed to belong absolutely no where.  But thankfully there is one remaining which will hopefully be taken care of this week.
Anyway~ the high point of my Saturday was finding my red shoes.  My favorite shoes~ which unfortuately I only have one or maybe two outfits I can wear them with.  I had searched for these shoes, distinctly remembering packing them before we moved.  However, on my second Sunday here I planned to wear them but they were no where to be found.  I resigned to the fact that they had been left in NY and I would just have to get them later.  Saturday, Rhett cleaned out the closet, and there they were.  Buried amidst his mountain of bags and boots.
Sunday afternoon was definately a day of rest for me.  I relaxed on the couch, engrossed in my latest read. babyville, by Jane Green.  I found myself chuckling and wanting to call Laura when the pregant woman, Maeve, ( or should I say expectant mother??) Anyway, she was playing Coldplay and Travis~ two of my sister's favorite bands, to her unborn baby.  She wanted to enrich her baby in musical culture.  When told that the Drs meant Mozart and Beetoven, not Travis and Coldplay.  She replied she didn't want her baby to be a geek.  I also felt like cheering (at a point previous to the music) when she realized it was a real live baby growing inside her, not just a "thing".  And therefore, decided against having the abortion she was planning.   Abortion is one of the few things in this world that positively ENRAGES me.  Being a mother of two myself.  Having first handedly experianced the joy and miracle of pregnancy and birth, I have no idea how anyone can argue that it is not a real live, albeit tiny, person and is just a "fetus".
My afternoon, became even more restful when Ryan climbed up beside me on the couch.  I was able to get him to sit still long enough to drop of to sleep.  Once he was sleeping peacefully beside me I was able to doze off myself.  Without the fear he would destroy the house while I was sleeping.
All in all it was a good weekend.  Sorry if it was a little too dull for a good read.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004
Yeah, like that's going to happen!

So in the last week or so about 60% of the conversations I've had with Mikayla have had to do with babies!  She is obsessed with wanting a baby sister.  And one new baby is not enough for her, she also feels her brother needs a baby brother.  And I have to admit in the beginning before I ever had children of my own, 4 was pretty much my ideal.  Now that I have two of my own~ WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!  Most days I have all I can handle, if not more, with my two young ones.  So keep dreaming Miss Mik~ it's not going to happen!  I am a little leary of writing this for fear it'll become famous last words.  But at this point in my life I can honestly say I'm fully content with my family of four.

Today, (almost 10 minutes late) we made it to the library for "Once Upon a Story . . ."   The stories were great, being that this week is Valentine's Day, they were all lovey dovey, but cute.  Both of my children were ecstatic to that we sang 2 "Wiggles" songs this week.  Yes, Ryan has now joined the ranks of the many young "Wiggles" fans.  But for Mik the hightlight was definately the craft.  We made a butterfly out of two hearts and sticks of gum.  Really very cute.  One of my other objectives was to check out a cookbook, in hopes of finding some new recipes for dinners.  Rhett is back on the Atkins diet.  And subesquently I have begun dreading making dinner.  All the great new recipes I just found, I can no longer make.  They have too many carbs.  :P  So I was hoping, maybe I could find some delicious new recipes.  But I only found one cookbook that looked remotely promising.  And I'm not terribly optimistic about it.

Side Note~  Our new modem for DSL just arrived!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

We finally made it to the MOPS group at the Vineyard.  And I must say it was definately worth the wait.  It was great.  It is a great bunch of ladies.  I met many a possible new friend, including two other military wives, one air force and one army.  And one whose husband was a Marine.  Also at my table was an intriguing woman from Russia.  Her youngest daughters are 3 and 5.  We exchanged numbers to set up a playdate. 
Today was the Valentine's Extravaganza, so it was a little more laid back.  We made bath salts for our craft.  I can't wait to try mine out.  And had a small group discussion time, where we talked about marriage and romance.  Oh yes, and we had to compose mini poems using 4 conversation hearts. 
All in all, I had a wonderful time and left feeling very much already part of the group.

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Thursday, February 12, 2004

How is that you can go from feeling totally awesome to totally sucky in less than 24 hours. After being surrounded by so many loving people, and really feeling part of a group, today I'm alittle let down.  I'm feeling slightly trapped in my apartment, wishing I had someone to go hang out with.  But let's face it.  So far, although there are many possiblities on the horizon, today there is no one.  But I'm craving an outing, and contact even if it's with complete stangers.  So I'm thinking the kids and I will be eating an early lunch then head out to the bookstore.  Laur, I wish you were here.  Because you alone, with the exception of Mik, are the only one I know who understands why I would choose a bookstore when feeling so unbelieveably sucky!  You alone would be as excited about a trip to BAM as me.  :) I miss you!!!
So now I'm working up the energy to exercise and shower so I can at least feel a little better about myself.

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Looking Up

Well, the day has taken a bit of an upturn.  The trip to the mall may have been a bit of a mistake.  I just frustrated myself more trying to find a low carb cook book.  I found a few good recipes but certainly not enough to warrent buying the entire cook book.  I finally gave up and annouced to the kids we were leaving.  On the way out I spotted a book on one of the display tables.  Dr.  Atkins New Diet Cookbook or something to that effect.  Ah ha!  I thought to myself, this maybe the answer.  I was about to make my way to the check out, when I decided perhaps I ought to flip through it a bit more first.  Well the majority of the dinner plans had things like~ Sardine Snacks.  This as the main course.  Yeah thanks anyway.  I mean I love ya and all Rhett, but eating sardines for dinner is not happening!  The other dinner plans were slightly better, but still very distateful.  So I'm back at Plan A.  Which is to search the internet for sutiable recipes to make all 4 of us happy.  Wish me luck.

But like I said things are on the upturn.  I did feel much better after exercise and a shower.  But still decided I needed the outing.  So heading home dejected from the mall, I suddenly remembered as we were getting reaady to leave the Apt Rhett breezed through, dropping off my new Pampered Chef purchases!  Yea!  I could hardly wait to get home now and rip them from the boxes to test them out, and check out the new recipes that come with each new item!  Back at home we have not 1 but 2 packages waiting for us.  Of course they were for the kids and not me.  But they were so excited it was bound to be contagious.  Thank you Grammy and Grandma JJ.  To top it all off upon logging on I had a email from a good friend. 

Side Note~  Tomorrow my "little" brother is coming for a weekend visit.  : D

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