Entry: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Isn't it funny how the simple things can make a strange house start to feel like a home.  And a strange new town feel familiar.
Today for example we went to the first story hour here in Quantico.  And even though it was a different library with different kids, it made it feel more like we are here to stay and not just visiting.  When we got "home" we had- what I think is a traditional feel good, brings back childhood feelings type of meal- grilled cheese and tomato soup.
As I look around my new house (which still after two weeks has a few more boxes to be unpacked) it is starting to feel like it could be home. 

One more thing that also makes it more of a home is our latest arrival ~ a 4 month old black kitten named Stormy. 


January 21, 2004   12:54 PM PST
Hey Amy,
You're so right. Home is more a feeling than a specific place. You have had al ot of homes over your 24 years. You can always come home to 7986 Black Creek Rd, 26 Paxton Rd, Shippensburg, and 2065A Quantico. Sierra Leone may be a stretch, and well Yuma, I guess you may not want to go back there. :) Glad to know that you are "home" there in Quantico! There's no place quite like it,wherever it may be.
Love you bunches! Mom

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