Entry: So I'm alittle lonely . . . Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Ok so today I'm alittle jealous of my sister.  Not in a bad I hate her guts sorta way just an I wish I had that too but I'm so glad she has it sorta way.  I guess two plus weeks of  having only a 4 year old and a 15 month old as companions is kinda getting to me.  I'm longing for adult friendship.  And not really just that casual might say hi to you on the street kinda friendship.  But that kindred spirit, bosum friend type of friend.  And that is why I'm alittle envious today.  She has found a best friend and me in my lonely new town am hoping one of these days I might too.


January 21, 2004   09:30 PM PST
Perhaps you should consider a part time job at tj maxx. Many a beautiful friendship has come out of tj's :) hang in there kiddo

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