Entry: Resolutions Wednesday, January 21, 2004

You know there is really nothing better than that smile you get when you walk in the room after your baby's nap.  Something about the grin that spread over that chubby little face and those little arms flying up to be lifted out of the crib can make you smile even on your worst days.
Not that this has been one of my worst days by far.  Actually its been a very good if somewhat boring (by some peoples standards, not mine) day.  I am feeling good  because I DID exercise for the 6th time in 9 days.   Not perfect but far better than my pervious track record of almost NEVER!  And small start that it is I'm already seeing improve ment.  Like being able to comfortablely wear my jeans again!
Also I'm attemping to become more organized (Ha!  But I am trying!!)  Today was spent searching recipe books in an attept to make some kind of dinner menu for the next month. We'll see how that one goes. 


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