Entry: So Much To Do~ So Little Energy! Monday, January 26, 2004

Ryan has just succeeded in losing my entire newest entry as he managed to close the program just has I was typing the final line!  Isn't he cute!  And instead of taking that as a sign that I've wasted too much time this morning already, I'm about to try and recreate it.

When I went to bed last night I had a whole list of things I was going to accomplish today.  Mainly things I was going to do this weekend but of  course did not get done.  And as I look around I can see half a dozen things that need to be done in this very room.  Never mind the rest of the house!  But here I sit at almost 10 am still in my PJ's reading blogs and now retyping my own entry.

Incidently Ryan is the reason am dragging this morning.  I stayed up until 11 PM (not so late, right?) watching one of the Rambo movies with my hubby, then stayed up another hour after that reading Pride and Predjudice.  So I finally fell asleep around midnight.  This is where Ryan comes in, waking up around 12:20 am.  I headed out to the couch in an effort to get him back to sleep with out having to stay fully conscience myself.  Rhett woke me up about 6 hours later as he was getting ready for work.  I, along with Ryan, crawled back into bed hoping for another hour of sleep.  Finally he settled down (after a trip to the kitchen for more milk).  Shortly there after his wonderful sister arrived wide awake and ready to start the day.  Who needs sleep anyway???

Side Note~  Now there's a sound I have not heard in a few weeks! A snow plow just went down the back road!  Yes, we actually got roughly 4 inches of snow last night!  Curious as to how the VA natives are handling all that white stuff!


January 26, 2004   11:18 AM PST
Hey honey,
Remember and cherish these days. It never gets any easier, even when the nest is empty. Mothers still worry about their young. I miss all of you! Love you!

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