Entry: Snow Day Tuesday, January 27, 2004

My stress levels are beginning to soar.  I need a little break so intead of break something, I'm attepting to decompress by writing instead.  Two sentences in I must say I already feel alittle bit better. 
Yes for the second day in a row VA is in virtual shutdown.  Not that there is really that much snow~ back in NY we had more from our first snowfall back in November.  But they apparrently lack the skills for moving said snow out of the road.  So where as in NY 6 inches of snow wouldn't hinder me in the least; here the roads are a slick combo of leftover snow from yesterday and the freezing rain from last night~ lovely! 

Another sore point today is Slipcovers!  I hate them!  Why is it in this modern day and age we can not manage to make a slipcover that will stay put on the couch.  This has been irking me since I first bought the thing 2 years ago.  The couch looks so much better with it, and it looks great after it's been freshly tucked in.  However the moment any person sits on said couch the slipcover looks atrocious!


January 27, 2004   02:13 PM PST
what a dork. JK LOVE YOU DLN!
January 27, 2004   12:32 PM PST
funny thing about those "slipcovers," but after all the guy who invented them named them "slip" covers, not "stick" covers. Hang in there -- love you and your blog. DLN

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