Shirley » Thanks for writing on your blog. I enjoy your writings. Hope to see you soon. Grammy
Shirley » Hi, I like the new quilt block. It looks like it will be a nice quilt. Kelly had good news. Love Grammy
Amy » I'm pretty sure Hannah I the cutest almost 3 year old around
Shirley » Hi Amy, Thanks for the pictures of the kids tea party. I'm so glad that they are playing together better. They will grow up to be like you and Aimee very good friends. Have a good week. Grammy
Shirley » HI Amy, Your purse looks nice. I'm glad that you had a good sermon yesterday. We do need these to help us through the week. Love Grammy
Shirley » 33N8Q
Shirley » Amy nice job. There is help with the double wedding ring. It seems to be simpler. I'll see if i can find what I'm talking about. Keep up the good work. Love Grammy
Shirley » Go Hannah Go!! We got a kick out of her. Josh tried to get into the picture. $ weeks from yesterday we will see you. Grammy
Kim » After this weekend's special event, I'm looking forward to reading your next entry!!! Love you guys!
Shirley » Hi Amy6. You did a nice job making Rhett's cake. Hope he had a nice birthday. Love Grammy
Shirley » Hi Amy, kelly has had a lot this time over. We do have a lot to thank God for. I know you want your own home and it will come. It's like having a baby, you don't know when it will arrive. Take Car
Shirley » ZKTJ2
Shirley » Hi Amy, I like Ryan's new haircut. He looks so much older than he is. Glad you had a good time shopping. See you in 3 weeks. Love Grammy
Amy » thanks Grammy, I did see the comments
Grammy » I wrote under comments. check there Grammy
Amy » man I have cute kids! and nieces and nephews
Amy » I added a video of Ryan to the entry about HSM 3 Be sure to check it out!
kara » We need the get a pic of Cooper and Hannah together. Cooper is the EXACT same frog for Halloween!
Liz » Happy Birthday, Mik!
Grammy » Amy you looked nice for the reunion. I'm glad that you and Rhett went